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Could Your Kansas City Home Use an Exterior Paint Job?

Could your Kansas City home use an exterior paint job?

Spring is the ideal time to paint, as temperatures are warm enough for paint to dry quickly, thereby reducing the likelihood of winter weather elements destroying your paint job.  The spring season is when many homeowners decide to do those “chores” they’ve been putting off for a while, both inside and out. However, painting the exterior of a home isn’t easy, especially if you’re not sure about what type of paint to use or aren’t skilled with a roller or sprayer.  A professional can give you the results you want, a seamless paint job that gives your home a fresh, clean new look for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.  The fact is, painting involves more than buying a can of paint and getting out the brushes and rollers!  Think about trimming around windows and doors, preventing paint spray from adhering to windows, making sure there are no visible drips or “missed spots” when the paint dries.  Do you really want to tackle this enormous job? Probably not.

When it comes to painting or wood rot repairs on your Kansas City home, leave it to the pros

You may be a do-it-yourselfer, or someone who thinks you could save a ton of money by taking care of wood rot or exterior painting on your own – but are you really equipped with the tools and knowledge?  Your home is your biggest investment; wood rot can compromise your home’s integrity, and ultimately result in a home that falls apart if not properly cared for.  At American Roofing & Renovations, Inc. taking care of your most important investment is our specialty!  Contact our Kansas City wood rot repair and exterior painting experts today, and put your home in capable, caring hands.

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With Winter Behind Kansas City Residents, is it Time for Wood Rot Repair and Painting?

With Winter Behind Kansas City Residents, is it Time for Wood Rot Repair and Painting?

The winter season in Kansas City can bring about all types of damaging weather for homeowners including snow, ice, sleet, rain, and other elements that can result in wood rot or the need for painting.  Water (whether in frozen or liquid form) can result in substantial damage to a home, as moisture and components used in build a home such as wood, siding, and windows simply don’t mix.

The Midwest typically experiences a substantial amount of winter weather over the winter season, including snow, sleet, freezing rain, etc. When all of this eventually melts, what do you have?  Water – which can seep into the seams of your home once melting occurs.  Wood is particularly susceptible to water, and the result is often wood rot in ceilings, walls, and more.  If you don’t have gutters on your home, water can seep into fascia, the soffit or underside of the eaves, and more.

Wood rot isn’t the only damage that may occur during the winter months.  Painted siding or wood is also susceptible to the damage water can cause.  Ultimately, regardless of its form water can literally destroy your home if problems aren’t addressed quickly.  Rotting wood results in weak walls, sagging windows, a damaged or even destroyed roof, floor, and much more.  The primary material used to build a home is wood, and considering contact with water leads to wood rot, it’s vital to ensure you take care of minor issues immediately, before they become larger, more costly problems.

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Why It’s Important To Inspect Roofing Damage

Kansas City Roofers Explain Importance of Inspecting Roof for Damage

Many Kansas City homeowners don’t realize the importance of a yearly roof inspection – they don’t even think about it, really.  Your roof is the element of your home that takes care of everything underneath it, including your family.  Inspecting your roof is an important preventative maintenance step every homeowner should put on the calendar!  Issues that may be minor now can quickly become major (and expensive) as winter snow and sleet gradually transform to spring and summer storms and rain.

You can inspect your roof yourself, or have a professional do it for you if you choose.  Whether you choose to climb up on a ladder or inspect the roof from the ground using binoculars, here’s what to look for:

  • Shingles that are broken or missing
  • Rust spots or cracked caulk on flashing
  • Shingles that are damaged or aging – for instance curling at the edges, blistering, or buckling
  • Around vent pipes, look for rubber boots that are worn or cracked
  • Signs the underneath of your roof may be decaying, which is often indicated by the growth of lichen and/or moss
  • If you have rain gutters, check to see if there’s a substantial amount (or even piles) of colored grit from asphalt shingles

While you’re inspecting the roof, take time to look closely for any nails that may have worked their way up and need to be hammered back in.

There are other signs that could indicate your roof is leaking you won’t necessarily find on the roof.  For instance, you may notice there are damp spots along the side of your fireplace, a dark circle or spot on the ceiling, or paint that’s peeling underneath roof overhangs.  Also check to see if there are any water stains on the pipes venting your furnace or water heater.

Many roof issues are minor enough for homeowners to take care of themselves, such as replacing a damaged shingle here and there.  If you don’t catch a problem now, it’s sure to become much worse due to heavy snow or ice, pummeling rains, or even harsh, hot sun during summer months.  Inspect your roof now, and safe yourself a substantial amount of stress, frustration, and expense down the road.

If you do find serious issues with your roof or prefer to have a professional Kansas City roofing company perform the inspection, give American Roofing & Renovations a call today!

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Exterior Painting Kansas City Homes

Exterior Painting Kansas City Homes Involves More Than Slapping on a Coat of Paint

If you’re a Kansas City homeowner whose home is in need of a good exterior paint job, you may be tempted to do it yourself.  Understandably, homeowners who are “do-it-yourselfers” often try to take care of projects on their own in order to save money.  Regardless of whether you do it yourself or hire an exterior painting contractor, it’s important to know there’s more to it than just slapping on a coat or two of paint!

When painting the exterior of your home, there’s substantial prep work involved.  Not only do you need to power wash your home to remove built up dirt, dust, or even mold, it may be that scraping, sanding, and priming are necessary as well.  Paint must adhere properly to the surface, and this can’t be accomplished when loose or chipping paint, grease, and dirt come between the paint and the substrate (surface).  Take shortcuts, and you’ll find your new paint job doesn’t last long before it starts flaking or peeling.

exterior painting kansas city

Before a paint brush (or roller, sprayer, etc.) ever touches your home, perform a thorough inspection.  What do you need to look for?

  • Signs of wood rot around fascia board, window sills, and trim. Also look closely for areas that are particularly dirty or grimy, or that have loose or peeling paint.
  • As you walk around the perimeter of your home, look closely to determine if there are areas that may require additional prep work.
  • Finally, take notes on your findings regarding any signs of wood rot, peeling or flaking paint, areas that are especially dirty or that have grease, mold, or other materials that need attention.

If you do decide to hire a professional Kansas City exterior painting contractor, be sure to ask plenty of questions.  What type of prep work does the company do, and what are the exact steps in the process?  How does the company address issues such as wood rot, and what is the quality of paint/primer used?  A high quality job will cost a bit more, but in the long run it’s worth it considering the paint job will look beautiful and last much longer than a shoddy paint job.  A quality job will protect your home from the ravages of rain, wind, snow, and other weather elements.

At American Roofing & Renovations, we believe in quality materials, quality workmanship, and customers that are 100% satisfied with the results of our work.  If your home is in need of a “facelift,” give us a call today!

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Commercial Roofing Kansas City Area

Educating Yourself on Commercial Roofing, the Best Way to Find a Trusted Commercial Roofer in Kansas City

If you are a business or commercial property owner in Kansas City, you may be contemplating a new roof.  How do you know who to choose for such an investment, and what type of roof is best for your needs?  Trying to find a competent, trusted roofer for your commercial roofing application can be stressful and confusing if you aren’t familiar with the industry and what’s available today.  Below is some information we hope you will find helpful in your efforts to find a capable contractor.

First of all, what is commercial roofing?  Every structure, whether a residential home, storage building, warehouse, or office building needs a roof to protect the structure and everything inside.  Basically, a commercial roof protects your building using materials that cover the framing of the structure and protect it from weather elements including rain, sleet, snow, hail, and wind.

  • The primary difference between commercial roofing and roofing of a home is that many businesses have flat roofs or one with a slight slope, while homes usually have a much steeper slope.

Commercial roofing materials.  There are many different materials using in roofing a commercial building, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.  In the past, shingles were the primary material used in roofing commercial buildings.  Shingles are available in asphalt, wood, slate clay, and other materials.

  • Metal roofing has become extremely popular in recent years, as it is economical and lightweight.  Because of its flexibility, metal roofing is a good option in many commercial applications.
  • Membrane and spray foam roofing systems have become very common in commercial roofing applications in recent years, and is durable as well as economical.

Now, for locating a commercial roofing contractor you can rely on.  Today, the Internet makes it possible to do incredible research you could not have done  15 or 20 years ago.  You can look for reviews online, check social media, or simply search by keying in a phrase in a search engine such as “Kansas City commercial roofing contractor” or something similar.  Most reputable companies have websites online (but don’t let the fact the company has a website convince you it’s the best company).  These websites can provide you with an abundance of information including the company’s history, years in business, client testimonials, and more.

In addition, it’s a good idea to ask around if you know other business owners who have had their roofs replaced in recent years, and get their opinions about the company/contractor they used.

If you’re a commercial business owner in the Kansas City metro area looking for a roofing contractor you can trust, American Roofing & Renovations is dedicated to exceptional results at a fair price.  We use only the best materials, designed to last a lifetime while adding value to your property.  Give us a call today at 913-706-8710!

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Winterizing Your Siding in Kansas City

Winterizing Your Siding in Kansas City

You get your house ready for winter in other ways, but what about you roof and siding? Those need to be winterized, too. It’s going to be a long, dark winter full of snow and ice, and if your snowcapped roof leaks, lets in cold air, or even collapses, you’re in trouble. Your home’s exterior siding also protects you from the elements, and needs its own winterization so that you’ll be snug and warm this winter.

If your home’s exterior has seen better days, if it has bulges, cracks, or is otherwise the worse for wear, now is the time to get it replaced.

  • Proper installation is key

Even if your home’s siding is only a few years old, improper installation can mean that it has a very short lifespan. When flashings have improper clearances and are not properly installed, water is simply “soaked up” instead of being deflected.

  • A great product for winterization: Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding resists termites, insects, and damaging storms, including hail. Properly installed, it gives you peace of mind because you’ll have no more worries about wood rot on your home’s exterior. The color, too, is permanent so that you no longer need to paint your house, and comes with a 15-year warranty.

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Winterize Your Roof in Kansas City

Chapter 1: Winterize Your Roof for the Upcoming Winter Season in Kansas City

You get your house ready for winter in other ways, but what about you roof and siding? Those need to be winterized, too. It’s going to be a long, dark winter full of snow and ice, and if your snowcapped roof leaks, lets in cold air, or even collapses, you’re in trouble. Your home’s exterior siding also protects you from the elements, and needs its own winterization so that you’ll be snug and warm this winter.

Clean your gutters and replace if necessary

A professional can do the job for you safely so that you don’t have to put yourself in danger. In addition, a professional will know to check for damage or clogs so that you can replace them if necessary. Gutters that are overflowing constantly, for example, need to be replaced with larger gutters. If they are cracked or split, those cracks will get bigger during the winter months with continual freezes and thaws.

Taking care of gutters now will prevent bigger problems later. In addition to roof damage, taking care of your gutters now will also prevent foundation damage, since gutters that don’t work properly can’t guide water away from your home’s foundation.

Replace caulking and secure flashing

Again, this is going to help prevent any kind of leakage. If there are splits, open seems, punctures, or any kind of breaks in the flashing, ice, wind and rains can cause significant damage around the roof’s edge. Make sure everything is secure and that there are no tears, warping, or other damage; replace damaged materials with new.

Inspect roof and replace shingles or entire roof as necessary

Have your roof inspected and repair or replace any shingles that have been damaged or are worn. Dealing with small problems before winter strikes can prevent both significant roof damage and extensive repair, and interior water damage to your house, as well.

What kind of roof should you get?

Roofing technology has come a long way in the last century. Some of the choices include metal roofing, composite or asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, plastic shingles, wood shingles, concrete tiles, stone coated steel, slate, or specific products like Decra or DaVinchi are all possible choices for roof replacement when the time comes. Durability and safety are just as important as the attractiveness of your roof. Make sure it stands the test of time in Kansas City’s changing climate.

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Overland Park Siding Gone Bad!

Siding Gone Bad?

Does Your Siding Look Like This?

Does Your Siding Look Like This?


This Overland Park, KS home was built in 1998 and the siding on this house looks like this!  This Overland Park home is in need of some serious siding repairs due to improper installation and lack of flashings when the house was built.  Being a homeowner you expect to have something breakdown, or have a leaking faucet, replace a toilet, etc., but you really didn’t expect to have to replace your siding in 15 years or so did you?  What causes this?  This is due to improper installation of siding and flashings.  You need at least 1/4″ spacing between you flashing and your siding so that if moisture does get behind your siding then it can escape.  However most house built in this timeframe didn’t do that and/or they decided to caulk everything which traps the moisture behind your siding and inside you wall and this picture is the end result of that.  These siding panels are 4’x9′ and interlock during installation, however lack of maintenance will help reduce the useful life of your siding as well.  If you do not keep your house sealed up and painted every 5-7 years then you will have moisture penetration where the siding interlocks and nail penetrations.  This just leaves a pathway for moisture to get inside your home.  Take a look at this picture below to see what I mean.


Notice the seams exposed!

Notice the seams exposed!


End result is that this Overland Park, KS home is in need of some extensive wood rot repairs and a full blown siding replacement.  Next step, what kind of siding do you choose?  Check out this blog related to other siding options for your Overland Park home and Remember “You Can Always Count On American”

American Roofing & Renovations Inc.


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Sheeting Telegraphs Through Shawnee, KS Roof!


Sheeting is Telegraphing Through the Shingles

Sheeting is Telegraphing Through the Shingles

This Shawnee, KS home has some serious Decking/Sheeting Telegraphs going on.  What does that mean?  Look at the picture above and you can literally see the outline of the 4×8′ sheeting that was installed on this home.  What causes this?  There are a couple of things that can cause this and the first one that when they were installing the decking/sheeting the installer did not leave the proper spacing between the sheeting.  There is supposed to be at least a 1/8″ spacing between the sheeting to allow for the expansion and contraction that occurs throughout the year as seasons change.  If you but the decking/sheeting too tight then this is what happens.  How do you know if you have the proper spacing when installing new decking/sheeting?  There are H clips made for this specific purpose that allows for proper 1/8″ spacing throughout the entire roofline that will help ensure that this telegraphing doesn’t happen.  Take a look at this picture below to see what the H clips look like.

H Clips Installed to Ensure Proper 1/8" spacing

H Clips Installed to Ensure Proper 1/8″ spacing

The other thing that is cause this extensive telegraphing is the lack of ventilation.  Over 90% of the homes in the Kansas City area are not properly vented and this creates hot air circulating in the attic which eventually causes condensation and decking/sheeting issues.  To ensure that you have proper ventilation give us a call at American Roofing & Renovations Inc. and let us evaluate your home.  We also provide annual maintenance inspections that help pinpoint issues like this before it becomes a costly repair.  Stay tuned for some more informational blogs and check out this related blog and remember that if you are an informed homeowner then you can ensure that roofing and/or other house issues will be minimized on your Kansas City home.  Remember ” You Can Always Count On American”

American Roofing & Renovations Inc.


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Gaco Roof Coatings Offer New Roof Colors!

American Roofing & Renovations Inc.Gaco Roof is a siliconized coating that is used in a number of different ways.  We at American Roofing & Renovations Inc. use the Gaco Roof coatings for roof repairs, commercial roofs, residential installations, etc. but mainly roofing only.  For the longest time here in the Kansas City roofing market when you had a commercial roof that was needing to be replaced the only color that you could get was white.  White is good for reflecting the heat and conserving energy but what if that bright white roof was on a loft in downtown Kansas City and your loft was the one right next to it.  It would be so bright to look out that window everyday you would have to wear sunglasses inside.  I’m a fan of sunglasses but if I were at home and wanted to look at the window at the skyline the last thing I would want to do is wear sunglasses inside to do it.

This is where the Gaco colored coatings option comes into play.  What if you could choose the color of that roof that is right outside your loft window?  What if you could eliminate that bright white light that was keeping you from looking out that window?  That is where this application would come in handy.  Gaco offers (9) different colors of the siliconized coating.

  1. White
  2. Gray
  3. Green
  4. Black
  5. Brown
  6. Light Tan
  7. Rustic
  8. Red
  9. Medium Blue

Surely with this array of colors you could find something that would fit your need for color vs. a white roof application?  Maybe it is not even a loft owner that would need color?  Maybe it is a historic building that has certain specifications to it and the Gaco color coatings could help.  Stay tuned for more informational blogs on Gaco roof coatings and other services but in the meantime checkout this other related blog or visit us at