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Decra Roofing

Decra stone coated steel roofing systems is a perfect fit for homes in Leawood and surrounding cities because it is a maintenance free roofing system that withstand hail and has a Class A fire rating. Why should that matter if it is maintenance free? Well, more than likely you went through the whole roofing fiasco this summer with hail damage, insurance companies, storm chasing roofing companies, etc. What if you never had to worry about having to replace your roof again or having to do roof repairs every year to your existing roof? That is what the Decra roofing system brings to the table when I say maintenance free. This past year has a huge hail storm for Kansas City and Johnson County area and I did not go to one house that had hail damage on a Decra stone coated steel roofing system because it is made out of 26 gauge steel and can withstand the hail.

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that hail the size of a basketball will not go through it because it is possible but I will tell you this; if you had a Decra roof vs. a standard Timberline roof with basketball size hail then it is like getting into an accident with a Semi Truck and you can either be in a full size SUV or a motorcycle, which one would you rather be driving. Exactly!

Decra stone coated steel roofing systems are mechanically fastened down vs. the industry standard of nailing traditional shingles, so it can withstand a lot more from Mother Nature than your traditional shingles. Your whole goal as a homeowner should be to get your house to be as close to maintenance free as possible so that you can spend your weekends out playing golf, going to the lake or kids ball games, and not to be working on the house doing repairs. The Decra roofing system helps you get to that point and it truly is the last roof you will have to put on your house.

If you are tired of storm chasing roofing companies, hail damage, and dealing with insurance companies for your house in Leawood then make the switch to a Decra stone coated steel roof and enjoy life.

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Kansas City Roofers

Kansas City’s Local Source for all of your Roof Repair and Replacement needs, Wood Rot Repairs, James Hardie Siding Installations and Repairs, House Painting with Sherwin Williams Painting Products, and Much More!

Thank You for your interest in American Roofing & Renovations Inc., Kansas City’s Local Source for all of your Roof Repair and Replacement needs, Wood Rot Repairs, James Hardie Siding Installations and Repairs, House Painting with Sherwin Williams Painting Products, and Much More!

Serving the Kansas City Metropolitan area such as Leawood, Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa, Fairway, Mission, Roeland Park, Olathe, Prairie Village, Brookside, and Surrounding Cities.

Roof Repair to Fix a Leak on an Overland Park home

2011-04-08-11.07.48This is a roof that is leaking on a home in Overland Park, Ks that is in need of some repair.  What this is going to do is funnel moisture down the pipe, into your attic getting your insulation wet, and then eventually leaking into your ceiling causing damage and some costly repairs.  What can you do to prevent this?  We at American Roofing & Renovations Inc. provide a maintenance service inspection that is available annually or bi-annually that is a full exterior home inspection that provides you with reports of repairs that are in need of repair or that will be in the future so that you can plan for it.  This maintenance program also gets you Top Tier pricing of 15% off vs. our normal flat rate pricing which saves you money.  Check out our other blogs about roof repairs in Overland Park and our maintenance program


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Overland Park & Leawood Roofing: how long does it really take to install a roof?

grand manor roof

Leawood Roof Installation

How long does it take to remove, replace, and install a new roof on an Overland Park & Leawood home?  That answer is it depends!  What do I mean by this?  Well, it depends if it is a wood shake roof, if it is steep or cut up like the one denoted here in the picture, it depends on how many layers of roofing that you have on your roof, how big is it, and what kind of roofing system are you wanting to install on your roof?  All of these factors come into play when you are ready to move forward and replace your roof.  This roof in the picture happens to be a wood shake roof removal, resheet/redeck with radiant barrier decking, the installation of ice/water shield protective barrier along the eaves and valley areas, and then the installation of the underlayment and the Grand Manor shingles.  This roof installation took about 4 days because of the size and all of the other factors involved.  In closing the answer is “It Depends” how long does it really take to install a roof on Overland Park and Leawood homes.  For more information you can visit our website at or check out this blog for more information on Radiant Barrier decking at

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Most Common Roof Leaks on Overland Park homes

pipe flashing

Common leak areas

Some of the most common roof leak areas on homes in Overland Park and homes in general are going to be around your pipe flashings like the one in the picture.  Also, if you have a wood shake roof that has some age on it (typically 8 to 10 years old) you wll start to see some wear and tear along the ridge cap which is the top horizontal areas for your roof.  Then there is the possiblity of ice/snow damming along chimney areas and other low slopes on your home.  The best way to fight against roof leaks is to have your roof repaired to help ensure protection, durability, and limit the amount of out of pocket expenses that you have to pay.  How do you know when you need to do a repair or not?  That is a good question and I have the answer for you.  Our company came up with a Maintenance program that gives you the choice of either an annual or bi-annual roof and home inspection that provides you with an informative description of what is going on with your roof, siding, windows, etc.  This actually allows you to plan accordingly when setting budgets for home projects and it helps you catch a problem before it even starts.  Check out this blog link that talks more in depth about our maintenance programs free to visit our website at to see what other services we provide but in short we want to help you protect your home.