Commercial Roofing

Do you have a commercial building or a warehouse that is constantly leaking? Is it a metal roof on that warehouse? Is it in need of roof repair? Have you tried other commercial roof coatings? There is no need to look any further for a permanent fix on that leaking metal roof on your office building or warehouse. Gaco silicone roof coatings is the last roof coating you will ever have to apply on your leaking roof.

The Gaco silicone roof coating has two different roofing systems that protect your warehouse, office, church, storage facility, etc. There is the Gaco Flex S2000 and/or the Gaco Roof silicone roof coating. These two roofing systems are ideal for the permanently fixing annoying roof leaks on all kinds of roofing substrates. The most common application is on warehouse/office buildings with metal roofs because these roofs get a ton of wind shear and lift causing the screws to loosen and back out which leaves pathways for water to penetrate the roofing structure. This leads to multiple leaks throughout the roof.

How can the Gaco siliconized roof coating stop the leaks and what are the benefits? Since it is a silicone coating it is flexible once cured which helps eliminate issues with wind shear, it provides a waterproofing system to the roof that endures ponding water, it has a 50 Year manufacture warrant, and it is truly the last coating that you will ever have to apply to your warehouse, office, or commercial buildings. Not only does this product protect your building from leaks it also comes in a variety of different colors with White being the most common for the energy star rating.

Not only does this product outperform the competition it also offers a great return on investment for property owners and investors by helping eliminate costly full roof replacements. The Gaco silicone roof coating can be applied over multiple roofing substrates, save you money, help reduce your energy usage, provide a maintenance free solution to roof leaks, and more. For more information give us a call at American Roofing & Renovations Inc. and let us help your roof leaking problems for good.