Gaco Roof Coatings Finally Make it to Kansas City Market!

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Gaco Roof Coatings Finally Make it to Kansas City Market!

In the Kansas City roofing market there have been a number of roof coatings that have been applied and that have failed over the years.  There is finally a roof coating that is the last roof coating that you will ever need.  The product is called Gaco Roof and it is designed to provide a protective coating that will not only seal up roofs but it will permanently protect against leaks, any type of ponding water, and the damaging effects of Mother Nature.  Gaco Roof is a siliconized coating that will outlast and outperform all the other coatings on the market.  The key to this and every other project is in the preparation steps before the installation.  Just like a paint job, if you don’t powerwash a house to get the dirt and cob webs off and you decide to paint right over it then guess what; your paint job is not going to last very long.  Same holds true with the preparation for the Gaco products.

Gaco Siliconized Roof Coating



This picture is of a medical equipment warehouse standing seam roof in Olathe, KS.  This and most standing seam roofs tend to get a lot of wind shear and flex throughout its lifetime which causes the bolts and rubber bushings to shear off creating pathways for moisture causing interior leaks and damage.  Now with the Gaco roof coating system this roof is protected for years to come.  Gaco coatings have a 50 year manufacture warranty, it comes in array of colors (this is white which helps with heat reduction), and if for some reason you ever had an issue on the roof all that you would have to do is prep that section and roll another layer of coating onto it.  That is that!

This product also comes with some tax incentives that helps justify your decision to choose the Gaco Roof system vs. other roofing alternatives.  For Kansas City residential or commercial building owners this product here is truly the last coating product you will ever need.  Stay tuned for some more of our informational blogs on the Gaco roof systems or check out some of our other related blog posts like this one or visit us at

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