Gaco Roof Coatings Offer New Roof Colors!

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Gaco Roof Coatings Offer New Roof Colors!

American Roofing & Renovations Inc.Gaco Roof is a siliconized coating that is used in a number of different ways.  We at American Roofing & Renovations Inc. use the Gaco Roof coatings for roof repairs, commercial roofs, residential installations, etc. but mainly roofing only.  For the longest time here in the Kansas City roofing market when you had a commercial roof that was needing to be replaced the only color that you could get was white.  White is good for reflecting the heat and conserving energy but what if that bright white roof was on a loft in downtown Kansas City and your loft was the one right next to it.  It would be so bright to look out that window everyday you would have to wear sunglasses inside.  I’m a fan of sunglasses but if I were at home and wanted to look at the window at the skyline the last thing I would want to do is wear sunglasses inside to do it.

This is where the Gaco colored coatings option comes into play.  What if you could choose the color of that roof that is right outside your loft window?  What if you could eliminate that bright white light that was keeping you from looking out that window?  That is where this application would come in handy.  Gaco offers (9) different colors of the siliconized coating.

  1. White
  2. Gray
  3. Green
  4. Black
  5. Brown
  6. Light Tan
  7. Rustic
  8. Red
  9. Medium Blue

Surely with this array of colors you could find something that would fit your need for color vs. a white roof application?  Maybe it is not even a loft owner that would need color?  Maybe it is a historic building that has certain specifications to it and the Gaco color coatings could help.  Stay tuned for more informational blogs on Gaco roof coatings and other services but in the meantime checkout this other related blog or visit us at