Why It’s Important To Inspect Roofing Damage

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Why It’s Important To Inspect Roofing Damage

Kansas City Roofers Explain Importance of Inspecting Roof for Damage

Many Kansas City homeowners don’t realize the importance of a yearly roof inspection – they don’t even think about it, really.  Your roof is the element of your home that takes care of everything underneath it, including your family.  Inspecting your roof is an important preventative maintenance step every homeowner should put on the calendar!  Issues that may be minor now can quickly become major (and expensive) as winter snow and sleet gradually transform to spring and summer storms and rain.

You can inspect your roof yourself, or have a professional do it for you if you choose.  Whether you choose to climb up on a ladder or inspect the roof from the ground using binoculars, here’s what to look for:

  • Shingles that are broken or missing
  • Rust spots or cracked caulk on flashing
  • Shingles that are damaged or aging – for instance curling at the edges, blistering, or buckling
  • Around vent pipes, look for rubber boots that are worn or cracked
  • Signs the underneath of your roof may be decaying, which is often indicated by the growth of lichen and/or moss
  • If you have rain gutters, check to see if there’s a substantial amount (or even piles) of colored grit from asphalt shingles

While you’re inspecting the roof, take time to look closely for any nails that may have worked their way up and need to be hammered back in.

There are other signs that could indicate your roof is leaking you won’t necessarily find on the roof.  For instance, you may notice there are damp spots along the side of your fireplace, a dark circle or spot on the ceiling, or paint that’s peeling underneath roof overhangs.  Also check to see if there are any water stains on the pipes venting your furnace or water heater.

Many roof issues are minor enough for homeowners to take care of themselves, such as replacing a damaged shingle here and there.  If you don’t catch a problem now, it’s sure to become much worse due to heavy snow or ice, pummeling rains, or even harsh, hot sun during summer months.  Inspect your roof now, and safe yourself a substantial amount of stress, frustration, and expense down the road.

If you do find serious issues with your roof or prefer to have a professional Kansas City roofing company perform the inspection, give American Roofing & Renovations a call today!