New Roof Maintenance Program helps Kansas City homeowners!

New Roof Maintenance Program helps Kansas City homeowners!

leaking pipe flashing

Leaking Pipe Flashing

Roof Leaks in Kansas City are common and they should be repaired sooner than later to help reduce the cost of other damages done to your home that could have been avoided with a simple roof repair. After time after time seeing this continuous issue throughout the Kansas City area we at American Roofing & Renvovations Inc. have came up with a plan that helps homeowners reduce the stress of a roof leak issue.  How did we do that you ask?  We have created a maintenance that we call our “Count On American (COA) Maintenance Program that provides you with a choice of three options:

1) An Annual inspection of your roof that includes a 10 point checklist that ensures that everything will be properly fastened, secured, and sealed before we leave.  You will also receive our Top Tier A1 pricing which gets you 10 off of all repairs needed to help get you through the year.

2) Is a Bi-Annual inspection of your roof that includes the same as above but we come out once in the fall to make sure that your roof is ready for the Winter time and then again in the Spring to make sure that your roof made it through the winter and nothing has shifted or broke before the rainy season comes into play.

3)  This is an option that allows you to pay for everything up front, full blown Worry Free labor and materials program that includes any repairs needed for your home up to a certain amount for the whole year. This Count On American Maintenance Program also includes an inspection around the exterior of your home to give you an analysis of how your siding is performing, analysis of the windows and window trim around your house, is it rotting or is in good shape, is your house going to be needing a paint job in the next year or two, and the list goes on and on because we are not just a roofing company we are a Renovation company that wants to help you keep your home looking Great for years to come. Also, almost forgot to mention that our COA program also includes a complimentary Gutter Cleaning once a year during our Fall inspections.  For more information feel free to visit our website at or feel free to give us a call at 913-706-8710 to set up an appointment today.

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