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Traditional Architectural Roofing

Traditional Architectural Roofing or Architectural Shingles are made of asphalt materials and are named for their distinctive appearance. There are two types 3-tab shingles which are referred to as traditional or flat and architectural shingles which are sometimes called laminate or dimensional shingles.

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Roof Repairs

Kansas City’s local source for roof repairs, roof replacement, and wood shake shingle repairs. Customers can trust that we know the specific needs for both Kansas and Missouri roofing repair. Born & raised right here in the heart of it all; our services are tailored to what our climate throws at us year after year.

Kansas city roofing
Gutter Installation

When gutters aren’t functioning properly, rain water runs off the roof of the house or building and collects on the ground near the foundation of your establishment. Heavy rains can result in standing pools of water which can cause a mess if improper gutter installation is used. Gutters protect your home and business from flooding.

roofing companies Kansas city
Commercial Roof Coatings

The Gaco roof coating system is the ideal solution for fixing annoying roof leaks on all kinds of roofing substrates. This system is the ideal commercial roof coatings system for you business.

Kansas city roofing contractors
Kansas City Siding

Like any homeowner, the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Most homes throughout Johnson County, KS and the Kansas City area have homes that had improperly installed siding which has caused the home to look either wavy, like the siding is bulging or popping out.

Kansas city roofers
Exterior Painting

Professional exterior painting company that handles all your exterior painting needs! We only use top of the line products to satisfy our customers satisfaction. From prep to the last coat you can count on American to do the job right the first time.

Our Commitment To You

We are aiming to ensure you with a durable, high-quality and long-lasting roof that will be a foolproof protection of your house! Our experts work to create a comfortable atmosphere of warm and cosy home for your family!

While the major focus of our work lies within either doing all kinds of repair-installation works regarding the regular, tiled or shingle-layered rooftops, we also have a range of additional related services, such as these ones. We’re ready to help, whether you will need us to install a metal roof for saving on your building energy consumption, or to replace your roof with an eco-friendly one!

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  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured with industry-leading manufacturer and labor warranties.
  • The best customer service in the business, no joke!
  • Fantastic financing options including low interest, long-term loans and zero-down, same-as-cash offers.
  • The highest quality products and certified, factory trained roofing technicians on every project with safety as our top priority.
  • 24/7 residential and commercial emergency roofing service and repair always available.

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Yоur rооf рrоtесtѕ уоu аnd уоur fаmіlу from thе elements, аnd іt’ѕ especially important when іt соmеѕ tо kееріng rain and ѕnоw аwау. Hоwеvеr, ѕtаndіng wаtеr can cause ѕіgnіfісаnt damage tо уоur rооf ѕо you nееd to keep excess water away. Alwауѕ check уоur gutters аnd downspouts to еnѕurе thеу аrе frее of dеbrіѕ that рrеvеnt thеm from drаіnіng рrореrlу. Alѕо, trim оvеrhаngіng tree brаnсhеѕ that drip water аnd ѕhеd lеаvеѕ іntо guttеrѕ.

Financing Your New Roof!

We offer a large menu of roofing payment & financing options.

American Roofing and Renovations understands that it’s costly to roof, remodel or side your home. Don’t wait until your home improvement projects turn into a “have to” situation. We provide 3 different roofing and siding financing options. Call 866-936-0602 and find out if you are eligible for one of our roofing payment options.

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They go above and beyond the very definition of professionalism. If I had questions Chris responded to me quickly and answered them in a way I could understand.

Jennifer Benedict

I called a number of local roofing companies and none of them stood out like Chris with American Roofing & Renovations Inc. From the beginning Chris was professional, high level of integrity and extremely knowledgeable. The work his crew conducted was exceptional. I would recommend using American Roofing & Renovations Inc.- five others in our…

Jason Ramirez

I’ve had Chris with American Roofing do numerous projects for me personally. Everytime they have come out on time, on budget and looking good. I would recommend Chris and the crew over at American Roofing & Renovations for any size project. You will not be disappointed.

Tony Papish

Chris is one hell of a guy. He wanted me through the entire process and told me the pros and cons of each roofing system. I went with a step above the cheapest roof system they had. Great crew, all clean and ready to work. Would recommend Chris McConnauhey and his roofing company to do…

Casey Engelman
"Scudder's 100% customer satisfaction guarantee isn't just our promise...it’s what this company was built on, and you can absolutely depend on it!"

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