BEWARE Storm Chasing Roofing Companies!

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You may have noticed by now by way of reviews or experience that out of state company representatives or “Storm Chase Contractors” almost never end in the customer’s favor. You may have seen or experienced people that walk from door to door after a major storm that tries to sell you on “How Damaged” your roof and surroundings may be. The problem with this isn’t the door to door sales but that you don’t know what kind of quality work they do. When the work is done and the storm is over they are gone and may never come back. Most of the time this leaves a homeowner with leaks, unfinished work and out of money to get their home back up and running like before. That is why using local roofing like American Roofing and Renovations is best practice. Local companies have the local homeowner’s interest in hand because we live here too! From our family to yours, let us take your mind and worries away with genuine answers to all your questions and quality work.

How to spot a “Storm Chase Contractor” – It’s getting easier these days to appear to the eye that you’re a local contractor but not all contractors are local and a bit of research is always helpful. One of the easiest ways to see if your contractor is local is to look them up by their phone number using Phone Validation – simply enter in the number and results will show “Phone Company: BANDWIDTH.COM – POSSIBLE GOOGLE VOICE OR OTHER VIRTUAL PHONE NUMBER” this means that the number you’re reaching was created through Google Voice.

After the storm has come after the damage has been assessed look to your Local Roofing Companies for your fix. Don’t get caught up in the flash and lights because you and your family have been through enough. American Roofing and Renovations are here to help with free estimates and financing. Call and schedule today – (913) 706-8710

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