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American Roofing & Renovations Inc. is Kansas City’s roofing repair, cedar shake repair, wood shake repair, wood roof repair, shake roof repair, shake shingle repair, roof replacement and more! Roofs are very important in helping keep out mother nature and that is why we want to help you keep everything wrapped up tight.

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What separates our company from the rest is that we provide the customer with a above average roof installation. Our standard roof installation includes using a architectural shingle (i.e. Timberline, Certainteed, etc.) vs. the industry standard three tab shingle. The architectural composition shingle is a full 39 “wide vs. the standard 3′ wide of a three tab shingle (that has 12″ tabs). This provides you with a more durable shingle that has a higher wind rating and less shingle blow off. We also include the installation of Synthetic Underlayment on your home vs. the traditional felt underlayments because the synthetic underlayments are stronger and more durable compared the traditional felt underlayments. Especially if the pitch on your roof is steep, you don’t want torn underlayment being the only thing standing between water trying infiltrate your home. That is a recipe for a roof leak and interior damage.

Another step that is taken to ensure that your new roof will last as long as possible is to use a product called Ice and Water Shield. This product is GREAT. It has a 3″ range of coverage for the valley areas, chimneys, box vent areas, around pipe flashings, and other Ice & Water damning areas. Providing protection for years to come. We top of the roof installation with a High Definition Ridge Cap that has a more rugged look to it and it carries a 110 MPH wind rating vs. the 60 MPH 3 tab ridge caps that other companies use to save money.

A Statement from the Owner:

The best description that I can give you is that with the standard 3 tab ridge you are getting a 60 MPH wind rating vs. the High Definition Ridge’s 110 MPH wind rating. It doesn’t make much sense to me put a 60 MPH Hat on your house when the ridge cap is the section that takes the most abuse from mother nature. Our product lines have wind ratings of 110 miles per hour with Class A Fire Ratings. We are licensed contractor and these are lifetime materials used on your home.
  • GAF: (Timberline, Grand Sequioa, Camelot)
  • Certainteed: (Landmark, Presidential, Grand Manor)
  • Tamko (Heritage)
  • DECRA…and more!

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