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American Roofing & Renovations Inc. is Kansas City’s Premier Source for Wood Rot Repairs. We use composite materials such as Ecotrim that will never rot again. Specializing in Window Sill and Sill Nose replacement, rotted trim and brick molding, siding removal and repair, and Exterior and Interior painting with Sherwin Williams Painting Products.

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Kansas City Wood Rot Repair: Wood rot around the Kansas City metropolitan area is mainly caused by improper flashings and people caulking areas that are not intended to be caulked. Wood rot and siding repairs are one in the same because when this houses were built with panel siding they were installed and laid tight on top of the horizontal flashings that are designed to drain off water. The problem is that with the siding being so tight there is nowhere for the water to go so the siding soaks it up like a sponge and then you get your wood rot and siding rot. The siding will start to warp, bow, rot, which could also lead to wood stud repair inside your walls. The correct siding installation process that will help eliminate siding rot and repair issues is that when you repair or replace your siding; make sure that you have a ¼” gap between your siding and your flashing.

Johnson County and Kansas City Wood Rot Repair

As far as the wood rot that goes on around your trim boards, your windows, etc. it is due to excessive caulking. Everyone thinks that if you see a gap in your house you need to caulk it, however when moldings around windows or trim boards throughout the house get water behind them and everything is caulked and sealed up there is nowhere for the water to escape to. Hence the start of the wood rot process.

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