Gutter Installation Kansas City

Are you searching for Kansas City Gutters? Most of the homes around Kansas City have the old spike driven gutter system where the spike/nail works its way out and then you knock it back in and then in a few days it is back out again. Poorly designed system and what that is doing is breaking the bead between your gutter and your fascia board which will allow water to wick back and behind the gutter and eventually rotting out your fascia board causing more repairs. The fix is the hidden hanger gutter system which hooks underneath the lip of the gutter and screws directly into the fascia board. This not only allows for adjustments but you can remove this gutter system and reattach if needed whereas the spike system does not reattach after removal. Also, our gutter system is seamless aluminum gutters that come in 5 and 6” sizes. Gutter covers and gutter screen guards are also available if you want to try and rid your gutters of leaves and debris.

When it rains hard outside do you notice that your gutters are constantly overflowing or that the water is draining behind the gutter instead of inside it? This is a tell tell sign that you need to upgrade your gutter system. There are two things that could be the problem, one is that the gutters could have broken its bead away from the facia board and that is why it is draining behind the gutter instead of inside it, two is that if your gutters are undersized then the water will overshoot and start to push the foundation and dirt away from your house. My recommendation is to at least upgrade to 5″ gutters and 3″X4″ downspouts and if you have a steep roof then upgrade to 6″ gutters

At American Roofing & Renovations Inc. we install seamless aluminum gutters that are installed with a heavy duty hidden hanger system and that has a 25 year baked enamel warranty so you will never have to paint your gutters unless you really want too. We are Kansas City’s local source for gutter replacement, wood rot and painting repairs, and roofs.